Beverly Hills Cycling Classic, Chicago’s Tour de France

Chicago Bicycling Classic 2008: Seeley and 107th

A bunch of professional bicyclists from around the world race through Beverly Hills neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. The race is mere blocks from where I grew up! The race track through the neighborhood is a little over one mile long, they go around it 50 times.

The really cool part is that a bunch of people from the neighborhood all come and watch the race from people’s lawns. You can stand on anybody’s lawn and go right up to the edge of the street and literally feel the breeze. People are out there drinking and kids are playing. More people should know about this event, it should become just as popular as the south side irish parade. It happens every year in July.

Beverly Hills Cycling Classic Beverly Hills Cycling Classic Beverly Hills Cycling Classic

Beverly Hills Cycling Classic Beverly Hills Cycling Classic Beverly Hills Cycling Classic

Cool things:

— Being able to get some close-up action photos of cyclists zooming by

— Bed mattresses wrapped around poles

— Walk around the beautiful neighborhood

— Talk to friendly people (if you are so inclined)

Leave a comment below and click the “notify” button, and when the race comes up next year, I’ll give you advance notice of when and where it will be.

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Tom Saaristo
11 years ago

WOW! Guess what!? I can see your flickr pix here at work now!! OH JOY! OH RAPTURE!! That 1st picture is AMAZING!

Tom Saaristo
11 years ago

It’s a darn exciting day!

11 years ago

Locals even bring their bikes to the edge of the action as shown here:

Tom Saaristo
11 years ago

It was a “Super Harvest Moon” … literally AND figuratively!

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