Call for your hand outline on paper

I’m starting an art project where I’m having everyone I know draw an outline of their left hand on a sheet of paper. I’m going to photoshop all the hands together into one image to show the range of hands.

If I haven’t seen you in awhile, you can send in your hand tracing.

  1. Get a blank white 8.5×11 paper
  2. Get a simple black ballpoint pen (Please no thick sharpies or markers)
  3. Trace your left hand on the paper (Hold the pen with your right hand and trace around your left hand)
  4. Write your name on the same side of the paper in the upper right (This is for tracking purposes, plus having the name on the sheet makes it look nice when I compile all these into plastic sheets in a binder)
  5. Mail your tracing to:
    Matt Maldre
    c/o Hand Tracings
    324 South Ridgeland Ave, #2N
    Oak Park, IL 60302
  6. Come back to this site to see the updated collage Thank you.

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17 years ago

it looks like you traced your left hand. should we be tracing our left hand? or can us lefties of the world trace our right hand?

17 years ago

wouldn’t it be easier to trace your right hand and then flip it in photoshop for all your lefties? i don’t know so i wont send in my hand, but why not also have them draw somthing in it that represents them? because if not, all you are really doing is a project that no one will apreciate the different hands but maybe woill take time to look at the art work. just saying……..

Andy Wells
17 years ago

What about kids hands and dog paws? Will you accept those too?

Fresh flowers
17 years ago

It looks like an interesting project. I am curios about the result. Waiting to see the image. I hope that you will post it.

14 years ago

blah! more pictures plzzz

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