CTA train reflection

Here’s a fun little video shot with my $20 Vistaquest VQ1005. Look for more videos to be posted here soon. I’ve been shooting more with this little guy.

Riding around Chicago’s loop on a brown line train. I set the camera on the window and captured this neat reflection in a glass-clad building.

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Tom Saaristo
15 years ago

Neat! $20 huh? Wow! Excellent. I’ve been looking for a decent camera for my cooking videos. The web cam just plain stinks

Andre Alforque
15 years ago

awesome! I’ve always wanted to take a video like that.

Lisa Schryver
Lisa Schryver
15 years ago

Say, do they still have those people hanging off the side of a building after the Chicago stop on the brown line? I used to love riding past them, because they’re so random. Just wondering.

15 years ago

Your post inspired me to do a review for the Vistaquest VQ1005 on my blog. Here’s an excerpt from the review that you’ll want to keep in mind, Matt: Make sure that you don’t leave a battery in the camera for too long. I left a battery in my Vistaquest VQ1005 and the battery connectors started to corrode and now my Vistaquest VQ1005 is dead. The last time I used the camera was in mid-October. I tried using it in mid-April. That was a 6 month span of non-use with a battery installed that caused it to corrode.

15 years ago

Vistaquest makes a 3 megapixel version of this camera. Everything is exactly the same, but there’s a 3 megapixel CMOS imaging chip instead of a 1 megapixel CMOS imaging chip. It’s about $35. Available only at select WalMart shops. I’s share the link, but i can’t find it right now.


[…] brother’s blog post featuring a video he took from the Chicago El inspired me to write this review for the best mini-mini digital still/video camera on the market. […]

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