deadly fish

The snakehead fish has hit the United States.
* Survives icy winters and oxygen-deprived waters
* Grows to three feet
* Can crawl out of water, wiggle across land for four days
* Capable of clearing out a pond of all living creatures and then wriggling on to new hunting grounds on its belly and fins.
“If you catch it, kill it,” said Bob Lunsford, biologist. “It’s not a dead or alive thing, we want it dead.”

Can you imagine having one of these fish in your acquarium? It hops out of the tank, waits for you to leave, and then eats all the food in your fridge!

The snakehead fish in defense of its bad rap has started a new public relations campaign in the U.S… “SNAKEHEAD… The friendly domesticated killer fish” And in order to further his quest for respect and admiration by Americans it’s driving a van cross country to stump for his cause!

Sources:, Washington Post

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21 years ago

OH MY GOD! That story is totally giving me the creeps AND the willies! EWW!!

Tom Saaristo
21 years ago

Guilty…I guess I forgot to enter my info…sorry buddy!

17 years ago

wow thats really scary and awesome at te same time!?!

14 years ago

True story, I used to own two snakeheads back in the early 90’s before they were outlawed in the U.S. These are some of the meanest, hungriest fish there are. I seriously must have averaged at least 50 minnows per feeding between the two. I had to return them to the pet store. Not realizing how good they could jump, I transported them using a 5 gallon bucket with no top. I left my car window open so they would get enough air. While I was driving I heard a big splash but I thought it was just the fish thrashing around. I looked in the bucket and the biggest fish was not there. Realizing it had jumped out of the window, I circled around to see if I could recover it but it was run over by a car already. These fish are cool when they are smaller but as they grow bigger, they are hard to keep.

14 years ago

ewww….thts sooo gross

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