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Yesterday online for Proclaim Joe Stowell talked about the difficulties a missionary in Brazil faces:

—begin joe stowell quote—

> One interesting thing I thought he said was that

> during Mardi Gras, I mean it’s so raw and so unholy,

> that Christians go away on a retreat. Now I just

> want to say something about that. We must flee from

> evil. Holiness means fleeing from evil. But you can’t

> stay on the retreat your whole life. Because what

> we’ve learned is that while you need to get away

> sometimes and maybe replenish your “holiness tank,”

> you’ve got to engage your world. Jesus, the Holy One,

> engaged our world. And as a result of that, we belong

> to Him today.

—end joe stowell quote—

This going away thing on a retreat reminded me of how artists work… like with the potatoes metaphor that they go underground and work, but then come out to share with others. And this also akin to what Estalla Conwill Majozo writes in her essay, “To Search for the good and make it matter” from the book, “Mapping the Terrain: New Genre Public Art.”

—begin majozo quote—

> The soul is the seedbed of our actions. Everything

> that we conceptualize, create, or destroy has its

> beginnings there. What we see cultivated and thriving

> in the outer terrain is a manifestation of our inner

> creative or destructive impulses. There is a

> connectedness between what we see in the world

> and who we are, between who we are and what we do.

> The artist tends the private garden of the soul and

> gives evidence of this process publicly through the

> art that, in turn inspires others to tend their own

> gardens.

—end majozo quote—

It’s really interesting if you substitute “soul” here for “faith”…

The faith is the seedbed of our actions…

The artist tends the private garden of his faith and gives evidences of this process publicly through the art that, in turn inspires other to tend their own gardens…

oh wow, that just gives me shivers. Because I have for years always enjoyed this analogy of the artist tending his garden. But now to associate that with faith. And just how well this analogy relates to how Christians act based on their faith. It’s so incredibly exciting to draw those two things together.

(Here’s Joe Stowell’s full sermon, “Faithful Under Pressure – 3; 11/3/2004 – Wednesday” full audio recording, full text transcript)

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