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Fake business card titles

Often I want to look through all business cards in restaurants' bowls

I want to make up crazy fictional titles for myself and put them on business cards and drop them into fish bowls in restaurants. Any good ideas for business card titles?

I recently posted this on the spudart facebook fan page and got some great suggestions:

  • Groundhog hunter
  • Cuticle Consultant..
  • Goldfish Therapist
  • Cat herder
  • ‎”Our state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners really suck”
  • Odor Judge

Any additional suggestions?

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A co-worker of mine has a business card with approx 50 different titles. I will have to share them with you some time. They are very good.


yes, that is correct.

Matt Jones

Guacamole Inspector

Tom Saaristo

Horse Waterer Flounder Teacher Fitted-sheet Inspector Blister Lancer Tape Dispenser Eyeglass Moulder Clay Cleaner