First name mixups

My name is Matt. People often call me Mark or Mike. Ocassionally Max.

Other names that get mixed-up:

–Terry, Tracy

–Erik, Aaron

–Tom, Todd

–Otis, Curtis

What are some other name mixups?

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17 years ago

–Becky, Vicky, Betsy

17 years ago

i get called FRANK all the time. It really annoys me! When I was doing my training for Berlitz, I sat next to a Frank, so everyone was screwing our names up!

17 years ago

Tim and Tom Anna and Annette

Tom Saaristo
17 years ago

I can’t even imagine ever calling you Mike, Mark or Max! How about Diane and Diana, Marie and Maria

17 years ago

my mom’s name is Agnes, but sometimes get called Gladys!

tom sherman
17 years ago

i second tom/tim also, it’s not a mixup, per se, but “mom” unfortunately sounds a lot like “tom”

Tom Saaristo
17 years ago

I used to turn my head when I thought I heard “Tom” and someone was saying “Mom” … now I just ignore everyeone. The “ah” vowel appears in a lot of words and I swear I hear my name called out many times a day.

Kristina Jarosik
Kristina Jarosik
17 years ago

my co-worker keeps having folks call her Stacey – – her real name is Tracey. i’ve been called katrina and catherine before. my name is kristina. though, there’s always people who create a nickname for your name that is not quite what I like. it’s like they understand your name, but have altered it ever so slightly. hard on the ears. krissy, kristi, kristine, tina, stina,

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