First three things you think of the number 35

While walking by NBC Tower there was sign for “Channel 5 souvenirs” but someone put a “3” in front of the “5” to make a 35. Why would someone do that? What is the significance of 35? The first thing that popped into my mind was the 35th street red line stop for U.S. Cellular Field. That made me wonder what other things people thought of for the number 35.

I asked people on facebook and AIM, “What is the first three things that pop in your mind when i say this: 35”

Of the 75 answers,

–19 are age related.

–6 are about jersey numbers

–4 cost-related

–2 for miles per hour

–2 for balloons (?!)

That means the other 35 or so are pretty unique answers.


Andy M:

1. the age my wife will be this month.

2. Football Jersey

3. Strange question


Lisa S

1. seconds

2. 135

3. 8


Steve T

1. jersey number

2. age

3. divisible by 7


Noel M

1. neal anderson

2. middle age

3. degrees


Erin V

1. age

2. hubands birthday (about to be thirty next month

3. mid thirties …. about to cross to 40….blah blah


Erik M

1. frank thomas

2. I’m almost 35.

3. uh. uh. balloons?


Branden M

1. OLD!

2. oddly.. cheeseburgers



1. 35th street CTA station

2. middle of 30s

3. 435 N. Michigan Ave (Tribune Tower)


Andre A

1. 5×7

2. age.

3. then speed limit.

My first thought was “42 is the meaning of life”, though.


Kelly O

1. Nucleon number: 35

2. Lollapalooza # of bands: 35

3. Prime (both in # & age): 35


Karen R

1. middle age

2. halfway to forty

3. what I paid for a pair of capris the other day


Leslie C

1. miles per hour


Eliana B

1. Age

2. mid-life

3. cents


Winona P

1. Me in 6 months

2. I would like to have that many peanut M&Ms

3. What type of song would They Might Be Giants write about that number?


Tamima F

1. “tamima you should be married by then. otherwise, it’s over” – an aunt.


Tom K

1. four years ago…


Abhay S

1. How old you will be in November.


Kelly K

1. Seconds


Doug P

1. The minimum age requirement for President of the United States as defined in Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution

2. My next birthday

3. That the question should rather be stated “What are the first three things …”


Elizabeth N

1. age

2. inches of height for a child

3. miles per hour


Renee M

1. balloons

2. hours

3. weeks…??? i don’t know what’s more strange, your question or my answers? 🙂


Tim C

1. Someone’s age

2. jersey number

3. price.


Kelly H

1. the football jersey number of one of my friends in high school

2. how old I will be in four years

3. the number 8


Tanya C

1. Birthday

2. A good dinner out

3. The number of peanut butter m&m’s I ate for a snack today!


Priya K

1. my age.

2. no, wait, my husband’s age. I’m only 34!

3. a couple of years ago the director of my department turned 35 and she got all stressed about how old she was, but I don’t think 35’s old at all! OK, that’s interesting, all 3 of my thoughts were about the age I’m going to turn this year. Maybe I’m thinking about that too much.


Miriam N

1. pieces of orbitz gum in the new package!


Feel free to answer the question, “What is the first three things that pop in your mind when i say this: 35” (use the comments below)

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Tom Saaristo
11 years ago

1. Mid 30’s 2. Jersey # 3. 7 x 5

11 years ago

You said nothing about 3 whene you asked me! And full disclosure: the second one was “cheeseburgers” because I was starving and counting down til lunch.

11 years ago

Do you know how analyze the results of your servey?

Eliana Briones
11 years ago

Strange no one said anything about time….besides age… If it had been winter would they have said degrees? Interesting.

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