Keeping a physical notebook for gardening records

A friend started a new Instagram account, @laurasvictorygarden, dedicated to seeds and plants. She posted a peek into gardening notebook. (DM her for seed and plant orders)

Do you track how your garden grows? Every year I make a garden journal (and my kids paint custom covers!) to help document plant growth, weather patterns, watering and fertilizing schedules, any pest or disease issues, and more. The pages get dirty, wet, and wrinkled but I love the physical history of my garden journey that these journals hold.
Photo used by permission from Laura’s Victory Garden
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Photo used by permission from Laura’s Victory Garden

I love the physicalness of this notebook. It’s like getting in the dirt and nurturing life from the soil. Unlike a computer, where you are separated from the tactile nature of a notebook. I’m a big fan of keeping a paper notepad for random thoughts.

Every year she has her kids decorate the cover. Therefore, the notebook cover itself is hand-crafted art. And getting your kids involved every year so they feel ownership of the notebook too!

It holds not just data, but a family’s touch, a shared legacy rooted in pigment and page.

I keep a digital spreadsheet of when things happen around our house. Recording the dates when the bushes and magnolia tree first form buds and flowers (and when the last flower drops), the number of tree leaf bags I put on the curb in autumn each week.

Admittedly, I don’t update it that consistently. Seeing how a tangible notebook serves as a constant reminder for Laura, I’m tempted to try it out. Maybe having something physical will prompt me to be more regular with notes about my yard and the seasons changing.

Do you keep a gardening notebook?

Or maybe tracking what happens in the seasons?

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Laura’s Victory Garden
Laura’s Victory Garden
5 months ago

Thanks for the shoutout! I really like your perspective on this – it is very physical and I love taking my journal out to the garden to record what’s happening daily. It’s hard to do that with a digital spreadsheet 😉

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