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Do a Google image search for my name, Matt Maldre, and the results show a photo of me that I use everywhere. I’m wearing a tan plaid shirt. But then just a few results after that, there is a guy with a headshot like mine and he’s also wearing a tan plaid shirt! He is Seth Putnam and he has me on his Chicago twitter list.

Seth, if you see this blog post. Hi! You have good taste in clothes.

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13 years ago

i’m happy to see an ewok rank so highly in an image search for “Matt Maldre”. Now will Google use this screen shot of the Google Images page in Google Images? If so, you could take a screen shot of that and then continue the process again. I think I will do that with a made-up word.

Andre Alforque Alforque

Since I removed the link and display of an avatar on my home pages, a picture of me is no longer #1. But all the pictures on the first page either A) a picture I took or B) a picture of me. Then it totally gets random after that. I may put an avatar up again to regain that #1 spot to be a pic of me one day.


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