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How to stay warm in CTA bus shelters

Waiting for the bus in the winter can get quite cold in Chicago. Thankfully we now have these bus shelters that help block the wind. In fact, when it gets really cold you can try standing by the illuminated ad to warm up.

Thinking if I stand close to the illuminated ad in the bus shelter, it might radiate some heat

Although I don’t think the lights behind the ad are really warm. Do fluorescents get warm? Not really.

And then when you get really cold, a good mind distraction technique is to pretend whatever is in the ad is real. In this case we have a giant bottle of beer. While I’m standing waiting for the bus, I like to pretend to pick up the bottle of beer. Or try to tip it over. Pop the cap off. Rotate the bottle. Good times.

Now I'm trying to grab the beer in the bus shelter ad.

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2 comments on "How to stay warm in CTA bus shelters"

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Andre Alforque

I always liked the advice from ‘The Untouchables’ — stomp your feet.


Won’t help you stay warm but may amuse you … breathe-on/fog-up the glass and quickly draw, photograph it and send it to its merry flickr way! … 🙂 … hey there’s the bus!