How Youtube is wrecking story-telling

Alex Garcia wrote a very thought-provoking blog post about the new forms of story telling on Youtube, “YouTube Doesn’t Care About Your Beginning, Middle, End.” He reveals the Youtube secrets to viral success.

— It resembles a daily experience. In this case, driving down an off-ramp.

— It is shocking. Wow, a golden voice.

— It has a human face to connect with.

— It is straight and to the point.

— It is authentic and real.

— It gives enough information to orient the viewer, then narration disappears.

— It has entertainment value.


Alex explains a lot more in his blog post, you should really read it. On top of that, Alex promoted his post with an extreme tweet. Here’s my response to his tweet:

Alex, I like your dramatic tweet, “How YouTube is wrecking story-telling.” Well, I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I like how it’s very dramatic. At first I disagreed that Youtube isn’t wrecking story-telling. Wrecking makes it sound like story-telling is going away. Story-telling is being destroyed.

But wrecking story-telling might also be interpreted as that youtube is knocking down old preconceptions, and… AND building up new ways of story-telling.

I love Youtube. I love new story-telling. I also love hearing insights of how some of the new ways aren’t really the best ways. I hope the old quality ways of telling a story continue. But I also hope the new shaky ways take foot as well.

What do you think of how people are using Youtube to tell stories in new shaky ways?

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