IDEA: Sears Tower plush robot

Someone out there, please make a plush stuffed Sears Tower, complete with arms and legs. And the eyes would be lights up in the top of the Tower. Oh man. That would rool so hard core. Would it really a tall order to create a crafty plush as such?

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13 years ago

Hmm. The shape of the building itself would translate pretty easily to a pattern; the only thing that’s a question mark for me would be the antennae. Hmm! {brainwheels turning}

13 years ago

More soft robot goodness. This is quite doable, Matt. Let’s talk! Here’s a soft robot toy made from PVC vinyl: (looks like the vinyl is thick enough to keep the antennae upright) Here’s one made of felt (a great medium for building soft block shapes): Here are two made from old corduroy pants! And, just search for “Plush Robot” on etsy..

13 years ago

i’m surprised there isn’t one already. are you sure there isn’t?

13 years ago


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