Jack Bauer lives on and on and on

The season ending episode of 24 last night had agent Jack Bauer to be handed over to the Chinese government for prosecution for his secret mission. Jack was surely doomed. But then he pulls of this death scene where he pretends that he dies, and then escapes off to a new life and new identity with only four or five people knowing.


Now they can continue the 24 series with Kiefer Sutherland (the actor who played Jack Bauer), but instead it would have to be a whole new setting, because none of the other characters could know that Jack is alive (if they knew, they would have to turn him over to Chinese government)

With Jack’s new identity anytime you see him in any other tv show, you can say that is Jack Bauer… just under a different identity.

If Sutherland appears in any other tv shows or movies, I will make a post about it on this blog noting how this character is actually still Jack Bauer.

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18 years ago

what is this “two four” you speak of? Is it some sort of tribute to cheerleading? two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate? Name Here, Name Here, Naaaaaaame Here!

Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

I’ve figured out Season 5: Season 1: saved the president Season 2: saved a city Season 3: saved a nation Season 4: saved the world Season 5: saves the UNIVERSE!

18 years ago

i watched that…i thought that he might accually die…then when he lived, all i said in my head was “that figures”…this sucks….he will never die…

18 years ago

lmfao…good one tom

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