June 25: National Handshake Day

I want to go around and shake people’s hand at work and say, “Congratulations, today is National Handshake Day.” Actually what would be more fun is to go around with a hand buzzer and do that.

A selected sampling of factoids on handshaking from wikipedia:

  • In some Oriental countries (like Turkey or the Arabic-speaking Middle East), handshakes aren’t as ‘strong’ as in America and Europe. Consequently a grip which is too firm will be considered as rude.
  • Especially firm handshakes are sometimes called “Manshakes”
  • President Theodore Roosevelt, who set the world record with 8,513 handshakes at a White House reception on January 1, 1907. (i’m not bothering to mention the Atlantic City Mayor who broke the record in 1977).

Other handshake stuff:

  • Wikihow wrote an article about how to be a jerk and manipulate people with your handshake, “How to Have a Persuasive Handshake.”
  • Batman and Superman shaking hands
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13 years ago

it’s two days past National Handshake Day and those smurfs are still shaking hands.

13 years ago

i like how the caption in the Batman and Superman shaking hands illustration says, “They hold the grip for a long time”

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