Keyword alerts for new comic books

Is there a service where you can get alerts when a new comic book is out featuring your favorite characters? For instance, I’m a huge Transformers fan. There are many many different Transformers series. There are at least 76 different series in existence. I like to be alerted whenever there is a new one.

I’d also like alerts for:

— G.I.Joe

— The Muppets

— Colossus

— Anything snow related

— Any comic that takes place in Chicago

— Anything by Francisco Ruiz Velasco

— Any comic that uses 3d glasses

— Any comic that integrates games


The closest site that gives you alerts is Comixology. But with their site, you have to MANUALLY subscribe to each series. You can’t simply get alerts for the keyword Transformers. I would really like a site that gives me alerts based on my list above. Any suggestions?

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