Kicked out of the Amoco Building

Today i got kicked out of the Amoco Building in Chicago. I wasn’t really inside the building when i got kicked out. I was standing right next to it taking pictures. The Amoco Building (or AON Center as it’s now called) is like the 10th tallest building in the world. So I thought it would be neat to shoot some photos standing right at the edge looking up.

After shooting lots of pictures, a security guard told me, “You aren’t allowed to take pictures of the building.”

I found that rather odd and asked her “Do you mean I can’t take pictures of the inside lobby?” I figured that they wouldn’t want somebody documenting how their procedure for examining people inside. And I knew this was a reaction to the heightened security measures from September 11.

She replied, “You are not allowed to take ANY pictures of the building.”

Finding this rather extreme I questioned, “No pictures at all?” How can you just elminiate people taking pictures of a building?

She said, “You just can’t stand next to the building and take pictures, you can be by the curb and take pictures.”

Not wanting to cause a ruckous, I walked away. In all reality, I would think that they wouldn’t want people to take pictures of the building from the curb either, because then someone could be documenting how to drive a van into the building.

Every week on Monday, I post my new pictures to my site at: So on March 18, I’ll post the new “controversial” pics of the Amoco Building.

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