Kramer’s two-lane comfort cruise on the highway

Kramer adopts a four-lane highway and decides that the lanes are too narrow so he puts black paint over the lane-lines one and three and a four-lane highway becomes a two-lane comfort cruise.

What if this actually happened? Would this reality be more dangerous or more safe?


More Safe:

When a car changes lanes, you’ll be able to see the car moving towards your lane before it’s actually in your lane.

More Dangerous:

But if cars start swerving around in their lane more, then you might not know if it’s going to change lanes or not. People would try to pass each other in the same lane, because there is room to do so.


More Safe:

There would be more room to dodge a dangerous object on the road.

More Dangerous:

Seeing that you can have more objects on the road, people will start littering more.


More Safe:

With wider lanes, you could drive with your doors open.

More Dangerous:

You could fall out of your car.

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