Let’s swim in the Chicago River

Just imagine if the Chicago River was clean you could swim in it downtown. That would be so nice. To have beaches right in the middle of dowtown where people can do beachtype fun stuff.

(for the non-Chicagoans: The Chicago River cuts through downtown Chicago and is home to the most moveable bridges in the world for any city. The river is a constant green color and is said to be extremely dirty as it was a dumping ground in the early 20th century for dead animals and waste. In fact even to this day if the sewers get backed up downtown, they overflow to the Chicago River. Hence why nobody would ever want to swim in it)

Are there any major cities in the world with a river running through the middle of it that people swim in and has beaches that are clean?

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19 years ago

I’m guessing Honolulu doesn’t count in your little poll here. We do have streams running through that people swim in all the time, though such is not advisable due to leptospirosis (bacterial growth encouraged by the presence of animal waste in the water). We have waterfalls on Oahu, too, but those aren’t really in Honolulu itself.

17 years ago

You may not want to swim in the Chicago River but there are many beautiful beaches in the general downtown area, in fact Chicago’s lakefront is mostly beaches.

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