Matt Maldre: Artist Bio: Draft

I recently submitted some work to the Highland Park Art Walk, and they require an artist bio, so here’s a rough draft. Any comments or suggestions are very welcome.

Matt Maldre, a native Chicago artist, earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with honors at Illinois Wesleyan University where he created conceptually-based artworks in unconventional media including themes on rhythm, language, transparency, and humor.

His artwork creates an atmosphere similar to architecture‚ a space for the viewer to work and live in. The viewer can do whatever they please in this house. The architecture is complex enough so that there are many interpretations possible‚ the viewer can stand in one spot and that view will be interesting; the viewer can walk somewhere else and also find another part provoking. Yet the design of the spaces are specific enough so that there is focus. The design of his structures manipulates the activities of the people who inhibit its spaces yet it’s open enough to let people walk around.

Some artists whose work influences Matt include Joseph Beuys, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Jörg Immendorf, Starn Twins, Andy Goldsworthy, László Moholy-Nagy, and Erik Maldre (his twin brother).

Because of his passion for helping other artists, Matt started an organization that connects Illinois Wesleyan University (IWU) art alumni and students. He created a web site for members to stay in contact, post their art and share resources. Over six years Matt has written over 100 articles on topics of art and design for Artiwu.

Living in the urban setting of Chicago has also inspired Matt to leave small artworks around in public for people to discover and perhaps change their day with a new thought.

Ultimately, Matt wants people to realize that everyone, including yourself, is a creative person.


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