McDonalds claims they are “wicked awesome”

McDonald’s current tray liner promotes their new Arch Card. It very cutely lists what all the things the Arch Card can be. Some are very nice like “grandpa’s morning coffee” or “my night away from the kitchen.”

And then some are just weird, “i love you as a friend”? or how about “more fun than money”. I can think of lots of things to do with money that is more fun than a McDonalds hamburger.

But the one that takes the cake is “wicked awesome.” I have to applaud McDonalds for even daring to put “wicked awesome” on their promotional materials.

Here’s the full copy of what was on the tray liner:

so, what is Arch Card?

Arch Card is:

• happy holidays

• thank you for baby-sitting my kids

• i love you as a friend

‚Ä¢ my sister’s birthday present

• lunch money

‚Ä¢ grandpa’s morning coffee

• my night away from the kitchen

• the perfect secret santa gift

• wicked awesome

• more fun than money

‚Ä¢ reloadable, to keep the party goin’

• a great stocking stuffer

‚Ä¢ my “wow, it’s late” cheeseburger

• my excuse for a study break

• here

new Arch Card

load it. gift it. love it.

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Thomas Ahmad
Thomas Ahmad
17 years ago

dude, does it really even matter?

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