Nuclear Power Plant Mugs

Illinois has the most nucleaur power plants out of any state in America with thirteen. This series has one mug dedicated for each power plant in Illinois

5″ tall

Stoneware, artificial grass
Some of the pieces from this series are available for sale.

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laura k.
laura k.
20 years ago

i really like this series. what would it be like to actually drink out of these mugs? would it be atomic? would it be nuclear? is there any danger of contamination? i think you should only serve neon-green liquids in these mugs, because then the contents would look radioactive. i think my favorite one is the teeth [the top photo”>. are those made from a cast of your actual teeth? it’s an interesting juxtaposition of organic [teeth”> and non-organic [nuclear energy”>.

laura k.
laura k.
18 years ago

so… whose teeth are they?

7 years ago

How much are these mugs and which are available???

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