Guest artist Steve Murakishi visited our class for a critique one day in Drawing 1 at Illinois Wesleyan University.

I did a drawing on wood featuring dancers and ravers, and then I did another drawing on newsprint of old fashion catalog people from the 1920s. When a black light was turned on, the choatic crowd of dancing people turns into an abstract structure of waves. And the old drawing people showed only static shapes.

For the critique I was dressed in half office outfit, half raver outfit. When it came time to critique my work, I played music that was a mix between classical and techno music. I can’t recall the specific composition for the classical piece, but the techno music was 808 State’s “Timebomb.”

3′ x 1’3″

acrylic on wood
Sale for this artwork is negotiable

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15 years ago

SOOO KEWL! Great work! I love that there are some with faces and some without. Your having some with faces helps guide the imagination to create the rest.

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