Places where you want to sit

Places I’d like to sit

–Under the ledge on the Mushroom Islands

–In the cockpit of an airplane. Doesn’t have to be actually flying.

–Directly under the St. Louis Arch

–In a race car. Doesn’t have to be actually moving.

–On a tandem bike.

Three cool places I’ve sat

–On a bedbunk on a submarine.

–Front row seats behind home plate at Wrigley Field.

–In a kayak on a river.

There’s something about sitting. Sure you can visit a place. But to actually sit down in it gives a higher level of intimacy. Plopping your dairy aire on the surface of the place gives you a sort of connection. Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry offers a submarine tour where you actually get to go on a WWII sub used by the Germans to shoot down numerous Ally ships. The entire tour is spent walking and standing listening to the tour guide. But I sat my little butt down on one of the sub’s bunk beds. An experience to be had for sure! I felt like a German submariner. Eins Zwei Drei!

In the comments below, please answer the following:

Name three specific places you’d like to sit.

And three noteworthy places where you have sat.

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17 years ago

i could have been on a bed on an aircraft carrier. They deactivated the USS Midway in the mid-90s and turned it into a museum. I decided not to lay on the bunks because it looked the soldiers never used sheets on their mattresses and it looked like they never washed the mattresses. ” Filthy” and “Dirty” are two good words to describe the mattresses on the USS Midway.

Leigh Hanlon
17 years ago

Beware of laying down on submarine bedbunks. The old joke is that a sub leaves port with a crew of 150 — and returns with 75 couples.

17 years ago

three places i’d like to sit: — a large Lego throne — between Natalie Portman and Shana Hiatt — in the chair where Paul Klee wrote his diaries three noteworthy places I have sat: — front row seats behind home plate at Wrigley Field — Jeff Koons bronze inflatable raft sculpture while working as a security officer at the MCA Chicago — on a camel’s back

Tom Saaristo
17 years ago

three places i’d like to sit: — between Luke and Owen Wilson — as a panelist on the new Match Game — on the set of “Everyday Italian” three noteworthy places I have sat: — between Leigh and Leslie Keno — as a performer on the Jerry Lewis Telethon — on the set of “Say Anything”

17 years ago

Three places I would like to sit: –Lake Louise-Canada –Kilimanjaro in the moonlight –Hawaii s Big Island Three noteworthy places I have sat: –London Eye –Venice- the city of canals –Algarve beach, Portugal.

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