Pottery Wars

In 1592 and 1597, Japan’s government sent warriors over to Korea and kidnapped their pottery experts in the “Pottery Wars.” The deadly warriors brought the Korean potters back to Japan to introduce the new fancy ceramic technologies–the kick-wheel and the climbing kiln!

You’d think these Korean potters would be able to fight back. *SPINNING CLAY ATTACK* UGH! *FLAT SLAB CRUSH* OOF! But the Japanese warriors prevailed. And now the Korean potters with their pottery secrets were in the hands of the Japanese! But why were the Korean potters so ruthlessly taken away?…

Japan only had these simple wheels turned by hand to make pots. So slow. Talk about lame! Get with it Japan. But now with the NEW kick-wheel they could like totally mass produce pots. Now they could have pots everywhere! Pots in the bathroom, pots in the kitchen, more pots in the bathroom.

And that climbing kiln (also known as the DRAGON kiln) saved ’em alotta wood and work. Imagine it. The DRAGON kiln. Spewing fire. You can now see why Japan would engage in such pottery wars–to get their hands on the a-w-w-w-w-esome secrets of the DRAGON kiln.

The Korean potters also brought porcelian over to Japan, previously everything was done with celedon–in the CELEDON AGE. Now porcelian was the hot thing and that ushered in the white hot PORCELIAN age.

We currently live in the polymer age. POLYMER!


ï Pottery: History of its Development in Japan by Takeshi Murayama

ï Ceramics at Hagi, Japan by Caroline Tulip

√Ø√ùArt Institute gallery talk “What’s New in Asian Art” on 9/14 by Robin Schnur

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14 years ago

Thank you sooo much for this, I couldn’t find anything about the pottery wars anywhere and you informed me on everything i needed to know. Thanks again for saving my ass!

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