Ravenswood for Peace handouts

About once every month, the Ravenswood for Peace stands outside the Western Brown Line stop in the morning giving handouts concerning current political situations.

The women are nice older ladies with gray hair that are always so happy to spreading their political views–of which I mostly agree on. Although today’s handout entitled “The Federal Budget affects everybody” seems very… tried. You can always argue that not enough is spent on Children’s Heathcare/Education, etc. Which are indeed good issues, but I want more reasons why we need to spend that money rather than just saying we should spend it. (sidenote: there’s a link to the True Majority Oreo cookie animation on the federal budget on this flyer.)

Usually there is only one handout, but today there was double the bang with a second flyer. (Starting to feel like a protest where there are too many messages clouding the issues at hand, but…) This one is for the Collaborative Voter Project. August 14, 2004 3pm – 11pm by the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative.

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