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Sears Tower string project–part two

Sears Tower string height project: 1 Sears Tower string height project: 2
After measuring the 1450 feet distance with this measuring wheel, it was suprising how far it was. (for explanation of this project, see this previous post). The distance was far enough away that it seemed odd to be taking photos of the Sears Tower. People were looking at me curiously with the measuring wheel at the end distance… To read the rest of this post, click on the comments.

It would be nice to use some sort of other marker. I wasn’t very pleased with the photographs. Here and here. The angle doesn’t work well in photos with chalk. Maybe an orange cone. Actually I should have asked some of the people walking by to stand in the shot. It would be cool if I could get a people holding hands to form a line from the base of the Tower to 1450 foot mark.

It would be even more incredible to have people holding hands to form a circle with a radius of 1450 feet around the Sears Tower. Can you imagine that around the World Trade Center site? Wow.

How many people would it take to form the straight Sears Tower line of 1450 feet? Saying that each person would take up an average of three feet. That would be 483 people. The circumference is 9111 feet. (Oh weird. Can you imagine if the World Trade Center height was 1450? That 9111 feet number would be very odd. But the WTC was 1350 feet tall–8482′ circumference). So it would take about 3,037 people to circle the Sears Tower. But then you have buildings in the way. It would be neat to form the illusion of a perfect circle. When the circle runs into a building, the end person just “holds hands” with the building.

This circle of people would have to be either
A) photographed from the sears tower
B) photographed from an airplane/helicopter

You couldn’t get the sense of a circle from the ground.

All the people could wear white t-shirts, so you could more easily identify the people standing from far above. And the t-shirts could be their reward for participating.

But back to the simple photo idea with one person at 1450′ distance with the Sears tower in the background. Maybe this person could hold a sign and stand at the 500′ mark, then 1000′, etc. And the sign would indicate the distance–perhaps a thermometer style image. The further away from the tower. The more the thermometer fills up. Maybe the thermometer is a diagram of the Sears Tower.

Do cell phones work at the top of the Sears Tower? Can you see someone 1450 feet away on the ground when in the observation deck? How big would the a sign have to be to be legible?

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[i”>Do cell phones work at the top of the Sears Tower?[/i”> Do you mean the actual [i”>top[/i”> top, or just the observation deck? If you’re referring to the latter, then yes, cell phones work there. I’m not so sure about the roof, though. :o)

Tom Saaristo

The thing is that you can’t look straight down from the observation deck, you’re too high … so the person would have to be a distance away from the Sears Tower before you could see them. Seems to me, if memory serves me, that you cannot see people from the observation deck. They would have to be holding a pretty big sign … how big? I don’t know.

Tom Saaristo

Make sure you put some orange cones or barrier tape around it so people don’t step on it. Oh, and make sure you secure it to the pavement so it doesn’t blow away. Things tend to get blown around in that area of town.

Tom Saaristo

I could always help! In fact, I would love to help. I could help with traffic control or even placing the sign and removing the sign, reducing the amount of time the sign would be suspectible to the elements or people. Plus once you are in position in the Tower we could coordinate exactly where and how the sign should be placed. You could snap the pictures [even having me move the sign to different points around the Tower, as you show in the two pictures”>

Tom Saaristo

… and then not have to worry about getting down from the Tower and rushing to get the sign or other materials. I’m sure this could be coordinated on a day when no rain is forecasted.


you guys are crazy… I want to participate.