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six buses in one day

Sunday bus extravaganza

Yesterday I rode six different buses, so I thought it would be fun to shoot one photo for each bus.

To church:

–49 Western southbound

–66 Chicago eastbound

To my sister’s:

–8 Halsted northbound

–22 Clarck northbound

To my apartment:

–22 Clark northbound

–81 Lawrence westbound

Sunday bus extravaganza: 49

Is love in the air? The light is gleeming. A hot babe enters the 49 Western bus. The light shines in the interested man’s eyes.

Sunday bus extravaganza: 66

Do you think this guy on the 66 Chicago bus ever forgets where he’s from? CHICAGO CHICAGO CHICAGO CHICAGO CHICAGO CHICAGO. what? Where do you live? CHICAGO CHICAGO CHICAGO CHICAGO CHICAGO.

Sunday bus extravaganza: 8

The 8 Halsted bus. Yup.

Sunday bus extravaganza: 22

YEEEE-HAW. A cowboy rides the 22 bus like it’s a buckin’ bronco. That 22, it’s a flippin ride. Hold on tight!

Sunday bus extravaganza: 22 (southbound)

I miss the cowboy on the 22 northbound bus. The southbound 22 has no cowboy. Makes me want to sing "where did all the cowboys go"

Sunday bus extravaganza: 81

The 81 Lawrence bus literally had four people run up to the bus at different stops. I was one of the four. CTA bustracker on my iphone said that it was gonna be a very close transfer. Close indeed! After getting off the 22, the 81 was sitting kitty-korner on the other side of the intersection–of lawrence and clark! No small intersection indeed.

I zigged and zagged.

The 81 waited.

And it also waited for three other people at three other stops.

I didn’t get a picture of the people running.

Instead I photographed the bald head. His head so smooth, if you tried to run across it, you would certainly slip.

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4 comments on "six buses in one day"

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Lisa Schryver

I see half the buses you rode were hybrids (I can tell by the seats). I ride the bus a lot, too 🙂

Lisa Schryver

Interestingly, you’re sitting on the left side of the bus in all but one of the pictures. Verrrry interesting…