Song lyrics for “Jackin it up”

"Jackin it up" ain't on iTunes

There is no song titled “Jackin it up” on iTunes or Amazong MP3. Quick! This song is just waiting to become a top 40 hit.

The jackhammas are a-poundin’

I say

The jackhammas are a-poundin’

outside the Tribune Towerin’

I’m tryin’ to git some work done-in

But these jackhammas

these jackhammas

They keep a-poundin’



Seriously. The Pioneer Court outside the Tribune Tower has some jacked-up tiles and it’s all fallin apart. So they’ve been replacing the tiles in sections. It’s only taken them two years so far.

We had peace and silence for a couple months, and then today, the jackhammers came back and are now working on another part of the court. This will take them about three months. So I get jackhammers all day long for three months at work. Hence, I’m trying to spin this into a positive and get into the jackhammering by finding a song titled, “Jackin it up” on itunes or amazon mp3. But alas, there are none.

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Tom Saaristo
12 years ago

Do you know how many songs I’ve written? Well, not full fledged songs, just the lyrics (I don’t know how to write music). I just finished one called “I thought I knew you” about mistaking someone you see on the street for someone you know. I get lyrics going all the time in my head, the challenge is getting them written down before I forget them.

Tom Saaristo
12 years ago

I blogged a song I wrote called “Perishible Package” once … but mainly because it was about food. Most of my songs have nothing to do with food and wouldn’t … necessarily … “work” on my culinary blog.

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