Suggestions to Metra: blog links and conductor hats

The Metra train system in Chicago has a new website. It’s pretty nice. They have individual pages for each station with a little bit of info on each station.

I wanted to take their idea a bit further and bring some community into their pages. Here’s an email I sent to Metra:


Dear Metra,

I love the new Metra site. I really like the new pages for each station. You know what would be really interesting? If you linked to riders blogs that use that station.

For instance. the Ravenswood station on the UP-N is my station. When you add my link, please point the URL to I love the Ravenswood station. To have my blog link on there would be an honor. I’m sure many of the other riders who use that station would think so as well.


Oh and then I sent another email to them (using a different email address to disguise myself):


Does your new site sell conductor hats? I’d like to have one. Thank you.


Odd. I haven’t heard responses from either message.

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11 years ago

Still no response? ha! I’m imagining … a trainload of riders with conductor hats on. But then, what would the conductor wear? 😀

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