Design portfolio

Florida Press Show postcard

Knight Ridder Tribune and Tribune Media Services have a table at the annual Florida Press show where they gave away a new Calloway golf bag. This postcard promotes the giveaway. Design and Illustration by me.

KRT Campus brochure/mailer

KRT Campus provides top-notch news, sports and entertainment content to college newspapers. When this project was first handed to us the copywriter, Maureen Quinlan, and I brainstormed different formats. Last year we did a traditional 3-fold brochure. We played around with different folding techniques and even debated what if the brochure was just a crumbled …

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I got designs into the 2005 Graphic Design USA design annual

The 2005 Graphic Design USA annual has accepted two of my pieces for their 2005 American Graphic Design Awards! Here’s the two works: Brewster Rockit Sales Kit KRT Campus brochure/mailer Pretty good, considering these are the only two pieces that I submitted. 100% acceptance rate for me! (vs. the 12% overall last year) Background on …

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Brewster Rockit box kit

Brewster Rockit sales kit

This appears in the 2005 Graphic USA Design Annual. Tim Rickard sent a comic strip proposal to Tribune Media Services for Brewster Rockit. TMS decided to take Brewster under a 8-week development deal to help improve the strip before syndicating it. David Rothkopf (TMS Copywriter), Mary Fischer (TMS Editor) and myself were called on to …

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At Home with Marni Jameson

“At Home with Marni Jameson” was a column syndicated by Tribune Media Services. This was an identity developed for the column. Fun strong font with a little bit of retro flair in the word “with” and little monopoly-esque style legs. Design and illustration by me.

Tribune Media Services Entertainment website

Tribune Media Services, an innovative and entrepreneurial business unit of Tribune company, is the No. 1 supplier of television and movie information, reaching millions of consumers through thousands of customers. I did the information architecture/sitemap on this site along with the design. The challenge of this site was to bring together many different types of …

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I got two items into the Graphic Design:usa 2004 annual!

Here’s what was selected into the 2004 Graphic Design:usa 2004 annual The Zap2it Consumer Ad campaign: Zap2it Ad 1, Zap2it Ad 2, and Zap2it Ad 3 and the Lola folder Background on the awards: Every year the Editors of Graphic Design:usa invite thousands of United States-based advertising agencies, graphic design firms, corporate inhouse creative departments …

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Lola folder

At the time of this folder, Lola the comic strip had been around for five years. It’s in over 100 newspapers and we wanted to bring it up to the next level. So a new sales folder was to be created for the salespeople to go out and sell it into more newspapers. The previous …

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Flying Onion Attack! logo

A logo for my fantasy football league team, the Flying Onion Attack! Client: Me Fonts: Holiday Ranch from Clip Art: Art Explosion 750,000 images

News in Motion sales kit

News in Motion sells computer-generated animation clips to TV stations and websites. Here is their folder and a sampling from the 12 different sheets included in the kit. The previous marketing collateral for them involved lots of full-bleed photoshop work collaging examples of their work together. For this kit, they wanted a different direction. So …

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