Fun with Quark

Is Quark dead?

If your company is desperate for new customers, you would probably respond to customer inquiries, right? Quark was the king of the design layout world in the 1990s. Every single professional designer used QuarkXPress for layouts. However, in 1999 Adobe announced a rival layout program, InDesign. By the mid 2000s, InDesign ruled and Quark was …

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Quark 8.5 released

I’m surprised that Quark is still releasing new versions. Last week I got an email from Quark saying they are releasing version 8.5. Here’s my email response to them. I like giving Quark a hard time.

email to quark: you need more events

Here’s an email I sent to Quark: Subject: Quark’s events hey yo I’ma lookin at yo events page at: How come you don’t have no events for Quark in Chicago? Shy Town wants Quark conferences. Adobe InDesign is totally crushing you. Hello? Do you realize that? Yes, maybe you might need a little lo-down …

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quark is watching you

Quark 5 Multiuser license agreement Peter Anton spotted this interesting tidbit in the Quark 5 Multiuser license agreement: “End User acknowledges that QLA UTILIZES A SECURED COMMUNICATIONS LINK BETWEEN END USE AND QUARK, VIA THE INTERNET or technology which may hereinafter become available, by virtue of which license files are made available to End User …

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