The mysterious cut on Matt’s head

Matt is wondering how the mysterious cut got on the top of his head. Brain growing too big? Aliens inserting special chip?

That was a status update on my facebook profile last year.

The responses were funny, so I saved them:

  • Tom S: ow! Are you ok!?
  • Elizabeth J: I am convinced it is Aliens!!
  • Mark A: Maybe your brain IS an alien!
  • KellyK: Dun dun dun…your brains getting too big it wants out!
  • Tom K: Matt? Can you hear me? You are now under my control.
  • Cathie K: It’s that your brain wants out to share itself with other people!
  • Tamima F: maybe you were dreaming of something so amazing it leaped out of your head. a concept such as this :

My responses

  • @Tom: Yeah, i’m ok. Just strange how it appeared!
  • @Elizabeth: I like how you capitalize Aliens.
  • @Mark: Whoa if my brain is an alien, then… that’s insane!
  • @Kelly: lol, it wants to run around and play!
  • @Tom: *roger* *roger* you are logged in, what is your first prompt?
  • @Cathie: Yes! Brain wants as many ways as possible to share, even if … Read Moreit means breaking through my skull! Makes me wonder if when my nose runs, if that’s actually my brain escaping. Whenver I blow my nose on the train, I can tell strangers th
  • @Tamima: Oh deeear! I was totally expecting something else! It sounds like those gents are trying to squeeze something else out of their hands!

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12 years ago

what, no photo? 😛

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