Track who is selling your name to junk mail people

Ever wonder where people sell your name to when you fill out a request form or profile form online?

Here’s a trick that I do: When filling in your first name put something unique after your name. i.e. my full name is Matt Maldre.

When I fill out forms I may put in “Matt Groovy” for the first name. So now whenever I get junk mail, if it’s got “Matt Groovy Maldre” in the address, I know where they got my name from.

Any word will do. Just keep track of what words you use for what.

Here’s some recent examples I’ve done:

  • Matt Paperlover Maldre: Request for Domtar paper swatches.
  • Matt Peppy Maldre: Dr. Pepper
  • Matt Awakenow Maldre: Coca-cola
  • Matt Newsboy Maldre: Chicago Tribune
  • Matt GDFunk Maldre: Graphic Design USA magazine

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17 years ago

i do that too. i will insert a variation of my initials as my middle name. yours are much more creative.

Tom Saaristo
17 years ago

That’s is really clever! I have an email address I use that way. When I get ebay or PayPal or bank emails declaring that I MUST TAKE ACTION, I know it’s a scam because the email address isn’t “real”. A friend of mine belongs to a book club and uses his dog’s name. He knows even the most official-looking mail is junk when it’s addressed to “Sparky Johnson”

17 years ago

My own COLLEGE sold my name to a local car dealership. Shortly after I graduated, I got a mailing from Jackson Auto Group congratulating me and inviting me to come down to their showroom. The nerve!

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