Truckers don’t blow smoke

(A continuing analysis of advertisements that appear in “The Trucker” newspaper.)

Don’t pull any punches with me, BOY. I don’t want no lies. I don’t want no gimmicks. I don’t want me none exaggerations.

As if that wasn’t enough for the headline, let’s toss a “We don’t blow smoke” headline surrounded by three–wait, no–make it FOUR bursts. All this ad needs now is a slab of deep fried ribs.


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17 years ago

the photo of the smoke in the background was enough for me. sign me up.

17 years ago

what is the percentage of truck drivers who smoke? I would imagine the percentage is very high. It’s an easy thing to do whilst driving a big rig.

Leigh Hanlon
17 years ago

I feel a Red Sovine song coming on.

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