week of taking photos is over

The week of taking photos is finally over. I went totally berzerko taking photos… 2025 to be exact. I found out last night that if I sign up as a professional “stringer” that I can submit 50 photos, instead of the 7 as an amateur. Dude. Total professional. Dave will give me a more polished biography for me tomorrow. I wonder what he will come up with.

Here’s my biography so far:

Always armed with his digital camera, Matt Maldre comes across a spectrum of life in the city of Chicago. His discoveries are sold as prints online through daprints.com and his own website, spudart.org. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts with honors from Illinois Wesleyan University. His work has awarded him the Merwin Gallery Award and 1st place photography of the Annual McLean County Exhibition. Matt has also lectured and taught photoshop and design and runs an art career mentoring website.

He also asked me to go TV/DVD shopping with him. I don’t think I’m that much of an expert, but I guess I do have an “experienced” opinion. I’ve never been to this ABT electronics store in Glencoe before. That should be interesting. But I had to cancel for tuesday, because the final episode of 24 is gonna be on!

Back to photos. During last week, I was feeling that I didn’t really get any shots that were “it”. I thought that I got some on wednesday night with the lower clouds, but they didn’t really turn out all that great. But overall, I would have to say that I feel pretty comfortable with what I’m submitting. Espicially since I can submit 50 photos now. My selection process will be more like what I should I NOT submit, instead of having to decide what to submit. There are about 85 photos, so i just have to figure out which 35 not to submit. Much easier.

The other people at work didn’t really take all that many photos. Tom took about 20 overall. Billy said he’s got only a couple he’s gonna submit. Not sure about Angela, but I don’t think she was being a big shutterbug. Too bad Laura wasn’t participating, she woulda given me a run for my money. Or maybe if Erik lived in the city.

2,025 photos. Man.

I wish I took Lisa and John’s planting photos more seriously. I’ve got one that actually turned out pretty good. It’s more in line with what Ameica 24/7 has accepted already.

I”m thinking of making a book with the 50 photos I submitted. Thinking about trying out Apple’s book service with iPhoto. It’s a real binded book with real laminated pages like a magazine. It’s just a tad expensive. $30 for the first 10 pages and then $3.00 for each additional page. But when you think that it costs $3.79 for a 8×10.


4×6″: $0.25 per print (minimum 400 pre-paid)

4×6″: $0.27 per print (minimum 250 pre-paid)

4×6″: $0.29 per print (minimum 100 pre-paid)

4×6″: $0.35 per print (minimum 50)

4×6″: $0.39 per print (minimum 1)

5×7″: $0.49 per print (minimum 200 pre-paid)

5×7″: $0.59 per print (minimum 100 pre-paid)

5×7″: $0.65 per print (minimum 75 pre-paid)

5×7″: $0.69 per print (minimum 25)

5×7″: $0.79 per print (minimum 11)

5×7″: $0.89 per print (minimum 1)

8×10″: $3.79 (minimum 1)


3.5×5″: $0.25

4×5″: $0.28

4×6″: $0.31

5×7″: $0.73

8×10″: $2.31

8×12″: $2.50

11×14″: $3.19

10×15″: $4.25

16×20″: $10.48

16×24″: $12.80

18×24″: $13.23

20×24″: $13.54

20×30″: $14.00

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