A few ideas on how to improve London’s Orbit public sculpture

The same artist who did the Chicago Bean (Cloudgate) is designing this super huge sculpture for London and their Olympics in 2012. (via the Guardian)

The structure will officially be called the ArcelorMittal Orbit, after steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, the richest man in Europe, who is funding it. It’s kinda wacky, right? I like it. But here’s how to make it even better.

1. Tree houses

That thing is begging for people to take up residence in it with little tree houses. Or even caccoons.

2. Spider-man visits

They should have Spider-Man come and crawl on that thing 24 hours a day. Oh wait. That’s too much. How about once a day spider-man comes and slings some webs?

3. Water slides

This thing looks like a maze of water slides. Why not actually make them into water slides! YEAH!

4. Power-up mushroom boxes

On level five of this stucture, there should hang some boxes with blinking question marks. When someone jumps up and hits their head on the box, a mushroom would come out of the box. Whoever touches the mushroom will then immediately grow to twice their size.

What else can they do to improve this monster sculpture?

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