A secret closet in the Tribune Tower has one of my photos on display

A secret locked closet in the Tribune Tower has one of my photos hanging up inside! #bizarre

The Tribune Tower has many locked doors leading to secret closets. Walk down any hallway, and you are sure to encounter a locked door that leads to a mysterious place. One of these such doors is on the 14th floor of the Tribune Tower where I have worked for 15 years. While going home late Friday night, this door that I have NEVER seen open, was actually swung wide open. Why would this door be open?

Since the mystery door was open, I was curious what was inside. Lo and behold there is a sink with standing water, which I’m assuming is a janitor’s sink. Hence, this closet is a janitor’s closet. Around the corner in the closet is a large water valve.

A water main break in the Tribune Tower on Friday caused Building Services to shut off all the water during the day. The door to this mystery was open, so Building Services could have access to this valve.

But perhaps one of the greatest mysteries revealed was seeing one of my photos hanging up inside the closet. The tape holding the photo has yellowed, and the print itself is pretty wrinkled from water damage–most probably from the janitor’s sink.

Michigan Avenue bridge and Tribune TowerHow does one of my photos get put on display in a Tribune Tower janitor’s closet?

This image is about seven years old as I originally photographed is in 2008. Apparently at some point, I printed this image at work. Perhaps I was printing it for my 1400 gallery in my workspace. I must have recycled the printout.

Then someone noticed this print in the recycling and appreciated it so much, this person took it out of the recycle bin. Wanting to display this fine photography, this person hung it up in the janitor’s closet. Every time the mop water is cleaned out, my image of the Tribune Tower hangs watching onward to the delight of the Tribune Tower cleaning crew.

At least that’s how I imagine the reason for why one of my photos is hanging up inside this mystery closet.


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