Airborne, self-preservation, socks, snowballs, foggy (my 5 favorite tweets in August 2009)

My top five favorite tweets I made in August 2009 with @spudart:

Wanna see something really exciting? Put an Airborne tablet into near-boiling water.

August 27

RT @jburno “The sin of self-preservation is keeping us from intimacy in our families and our churches” – @jrkerr in @parkchurch

1:36 PM Aug 25

I hereby declare that for the rest of my life I will never buy normal socks ever again.

6:37 PM Aug 14

I just realized that crumbled-up paper makes good snowballs in summer. Office snowball fight!

5:23 PM Aug 5

@VivaSpyGirl GREAT IDEA! Drawing on foggy frozen-food doors! This’ll continue the foggy series from the bus

12:31 PM Aug 4th

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12 years ago

Must be difficult to choose only 5! Spudart Tweets rule!

Andre Alforque
12 years ago

so, what happens when you put an Airborne tablet into near-boiling water..?

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