April Fool’s day

Collection of April Fool's Day pranks

A list of pranks I bought for April Fool’s day

Two-Headed Nickel: This is an exact replica of the U.S. nickel, except it has two heads. If you don’t already own one, here is your chance. These work better than the two-headed quarter—after all, who is expecting someone to pull out a two-headed nickel? The uses for these trick nickels are endless—just don’t get yourself in trouble.

7 or 11 Trick Dice: No matter what you do, these trick dice will always come up as either 7 or 11. Think of this as an investment, not as a trick (not that we would condone using these dice in such a manner). Amaze your friends by winning game after game. Don’t pass up your chance to own a pair of these trick dice.

Creepy Cockroach: These fake cockroaches are great for Halloween, as well as weddings, birthdays, and other important social events. Most people don’t like cockroaches, especially when they are creepy and unexpected. The fact that people dislike cockroaches is of course the reason why this is such a funny trick. Approximately 2 inches in length.

Exploding Pen: Place an exploding cap inside of this pen, and casually give it to your unsuspecting victim. When anyone opens the pen to use it, BANG! 

Exploding Toilet Seat: Set this sucker, place it under a toilet seat, and wait. When someone lifts the seat to use the toilet, it explodes. BANG! POP! POW! 

Exploding Wallet: Place a cap on the inside of this wallet, and lay it down. Wait. When someone picks it up, BANG! This also comes with fake money, after all who is going to pick up a wallet with no money sticking out. 

Fake Dog Poop: This 4-inch fake dog poop is made of soft rubber, to give it that added touch. Very realistic, very funny—just don’t let the dog get in doo much trouble.

Gag Lotto 100: Your friends couldn’t be happier after winning the lottery, until they read the back of our fake gag lottery tickets. In order for your targets to claim their prizes, all scratch off tickets must be validated by the Tooth Fairy, and must conform to the rules set forth by Santa Claus.  

Horrible Finger: Need we say anything more? These are very realistic fingers that look horrible.

Mini Rats 3-inch: These mini rats are great for social gatherings and other events. Each rat measures approximately 3 inches from nose to tail.

Pierced Finger: This creates the illusion that you have a nail protruding through your finger—who doesn’t want that every now and again. You never know when the right situation will come up for having one of these. Are you prepared?

Poo Pen: Surely you have #2 pencils, but do you have any #2 pens? Not only is this pen hysterical, but it also writes—multifunctional.

Pulling Tricks: When you pull the 2 ends of the string, it creates a loud POP!  There are literally a million uses for these, simply tie these to anything that opens (doors, lockers etc..)

[No image or link]

Razorblade Through Finger [No link]

Shock Computer Mouse: This computer mouse is extremely lifelike, but it doesn’t exactly operate like any other computer mouse. You guessed it—it shocks your victim! Switch your victims regular computer mouse at work or at home, with our model, and wait.

Shock Pen: You could buy a shocking pen somewhere else, but why pay more? This looks like a normal pen, but it isn’t designed to write. When the button is pressed down, a harmless, but shocking volt of electricity will be sent through your hand! Hysterical. Batteries included.

Snap Pops: Throw one of these on the ground, or snap them with your fingers, and the snaps make a popping noise.

Spilled White Out: Set this white out bottle on your colleague’s papers, or on your boss’ desk, and wait… The more important the papers, the more funny this prank becomes. This trick can be used over and over. This is made from a real bottle of white out, so the prank is extremely realistic. 

Step in Doo: This molds to your shoe and stays on with adhesive, so it looks like you are walking around with doo on your shoe.

Surprising Snake in Can: When someone opens this unsuspecting can of nuts, a spring loaded snake shoots out. Simply put the snake back in and it is ready to use again.

Wee Wee boy Keychain: Submerge this peeing boy keychain in water, and he is ready to go. Squeeze him gently, and he starts to pee. Hilarious. After he is done, simply fill him up again and repeat.

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Tom Saaristo
20 years ago

Cool! You are the master prankster! I love it! I want to hear about your fake lottery tickets! Was anyone fooled? Or are you too well known as the master prankster that people were suspcious from the gecko? 😛

laura k.
laura k.
20 years ago

what did you actually do with all this stuff?

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