Atari emulator app for the iPhone

I would love an iPhone Atari 2600 emulator app. Right now an iTunes search for “atari” results in the following games:


Missile Command

Super Breakout

Atari Football

Backyard Hockey

Backyard Baseball

Backyard Soccer

Step it up, Atari! We want more games on the iPhone.

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14 years ago

Atari football? I have never seen that game ever. How about Circus Atari for the iphone/ipod? That game was so frutsrating mainly because our stupid paddles were always so wobbly. Combat for the iPhone would be cool. Though it would be essential to be able to play against others over wifi. The game is so pure that I always like the idea of playing it. But you always end up kicking my butt every single time we play and I end up remembering how much I don’t like that game.

14 years ago

thank you for it

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