Brett Favre promoting Sensodyne in Chicago’s Nordstrom Mall

Just 10 minutes ago, Brett Favre was in Chicago’s Nordstrom Mall on Michigan Avenue being interviewed by Corey McFerren of Fox News. Behind Favre and McFerren was a large banner featuring Brett Favre promoting Sensodyne.

Apparently this is tied into some sort of Sensodyne challenge. From the Westfield Mall website:

Sensodyne Search for America’s Most Sensitive

Football star and legendary tough-guy Brett Favre reveals his sensitive side and encourages Chicagoans to do the same as Brett is participating in the Sensodyne Sensitivity Challenge and encouraging local Chicago couples to play the “he said, she said” style game.

The Sensodyne Search for America’s Most Sensitive hits Chicago June 27, 2006 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at Westfield North Bridge. The nationwide campaign is educating Americans about the causes and treatments of sensitive teeth and signing them up to take the 2 Week Taste Test. Fans can tell their own sensitive story to audition to be the next Sensitive Star and appear in an upcoming national Sensodyne advertising campaign.

Support a good cause – Sensodyne is putting its money where your mouth is. For each of the first 50,000 people who sign up for the Sensodyne 2 Week Taste Test, Sensodyne will donate $1 to the Brett Favre Fourward Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports programs for disadvantaged and disabled kids in Wisconsin and Mississippi.

Sensitivity Challenge? He said she said? Maybe Ozzie Guillen needs to participate in this as part of his sensitivity training Major League Baseball is forcing him to take.

The Sensodyne website says: “Sensodyne Search for America‚Äôs Most Sensitive crosses the country to find who is most in touch with their sensitive side.” America’s Most Sensitive? So does that mean Brett Favre is one of the most sensitive sports stars? It’s weird that he’s doing this in CHICAGO–his biggest rival city. Perhaps Green Bay isn’t quite the media center.

As I framing the picture above, a security guard came by and told me I was too close. So I took one step back and just extended my arm forward to snap this shot. There were only about 10 bystanders there–three of which were giddy high school girls in Packers jerseys. How did they know Favre was gonna be there at 9:10 in the morning? Surely they stalked him from his house and followed him down to Chicago.

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Andy Wells
Andy Wells
17 years ago

I’ve always seen brett favre as a sensitive guy. He might just be the most legitemately sensitive man in sports. but the real question… Is he 2 Legit 2 Quit????

17 years ago

oh dear, i’m afraid for him. brett favre sooo….. sensitive????? does he really want everyone in chicago to know that?

17 years ago

this is all very strange. this is an obvious marketing stunt by sensodyne, but they’re trying to pass it off as some sort of charitable event. Sensitive gums? doesn’t bret have better things to promote as a good cause? and who in chicago gives a rat’s behind about favre? and why is bret wearing a yellow shirt? packer gold? does he really want to display packer gold in the middle of chicago? or is the yellow symbolic of something? decay? decaying gums? that’s just gross. and why is corey mcferren wearing loafers without socks. that’s stinky. though i have to give bret props for such good posture in the photo. He looks alert and ready to go. I will have to keep this in mind for my fantasy draft this year.

17 years ago

and the play on the word “sensitive” in relation to one’s gums and one’s personality being sensitive is an awkward comparison. It’s forced.

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