Bring your pet into work week

Wow, a whole week that we can bring our pets into work. Not just a day, but a WEEK. Do plants count as pets? How about my pet rock? He can do tricks!… Sit. Stay. Play dead. And my favorite, roll over. Here’s a cute card from

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Tom Saaristo
19 years ago

Isn’t “Bring Your Pet To Work” the same thing as “Bring Your Tax Deduction To Work”? Oop! I mean, “Bring Your Precious Little Child To Work”. At least with “Bring Your Tax Deduction To Work” you don’t have to worry about “accidents” … well, at least not too many. Just pack extra Pampers. What about your co-workers who have pet allergies? Granted, I know people who are allergic to children, but at least child-dander doesn’t cling to your clothes. On the other hand, I’d much rather hear a dog bark or a cat meow than a child whine, beg, and cry. Forget about it … who’s wacky idea was this anyway? Some childless spinster who wants to bring her 4 dozen cats in to get even with all those years of “Bring Your Child To Work”? And what’s up with the whole week? I guess whoever came up with the idea is trying to make up for lost time in record time! Here’s an idea: “Bring Your Feng Shui Element To Work Forever”

laura k.
laura k.
19 years ago

oh wow! i want to bring my pet to work! …except i don’t have a job. hmm. matt, want to borrow scully?

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