Overall themes of

I gave Chat GPT my 125 most recent blog posts dating back three years. I asked it for overall trends from my blog posts.

Sidewalks communicate what type of town you have

“The Symbols in the City” by Tiffany Owens Reed of Strong Towns Or, let’s take sidewalks. So many of ours here in Waco are extremely skinny, overgrown with grass, often existing only in disconnected segments or, in some parts of town, entirely non-existent. It’s one matter to consider what this means from a technical or …

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Remembering an owl in New York City

“Artists Mourn Death of Flaco, the Owl Who Inspired Millions” by ET Rodriguez of Hyperallergic. This article has some nice photos of items left behind, memorializing an owl who lived in NYC’s Central Park. I kinda wish someone would photograph all the memorials left at this tree, and post them online.

Cool beards

Almost every day I load up around 100 tabs in my browser. One of the tabs is a search on Twitter for the phrase “Art Institute of Chicago“. Today this search showed this fun tweet of a couple sculptures with nice beards.