Falling falling falling

Kerry Skarbakka photographs himself falling from trees, jumping off bridges and in the midst of fires – all in the name of art. Inspired by the helplessness he felt after the 9/11 attacks, Kerry’s work captures him frozen in a moment of pe

Flying the Estonian flag on Arvo Pärt’s birthday

To celebrate the greatest living contemporary composer, I’d like to fly an Estonian flag on his birthday. But it falls on a day when I should be flying an American flag instead.

Introducing the pizza sandwich

When making lunch, do you ever have a hard time deciding between leftover pizza or a sandwich? Why not combine them? Make a pizza sandwich.

Basketball cards from the 1970s

Did you know there were basketball cards from the 1970s—and they certainly look like hey are from the 70s

Best exhibition pop-up in a thrift store

Camille Casemier curates weekly pop-up art exhibitions in the Mount Sinai Resale Shop’s fitting rooms. It reminds me of when I had a gallery in the Tribune Tower.

LEGO blocks as budding flower

What a wonderful idea! The “growing” of the LEGO piece, but also the notion of having a Sunday Sketch series, looking at a familiar object and reinterpreting it.

Croquet posts on BlueSky

BlueSky is the new Twitter alternative social media platform. It currently has 4.9 million users. Tired of the algorithm on Twitter? Wish you can create your own feeds? One of the cool things about BlueSky is that lets users create their own feeds of content. I made a feed for any posts that mention croquet. …

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Art schools that teach laser cutting, wood engraving, 3d printing, and plotter drawing

How many art schools teach things like laser cutting, wood engraving, 3d printing, and plotter drawing? Basically, any computer-driven printing/plotting/etching. If I were in art school again, I’d be all over this stuff. Right now, I haven’t been able to experiment with any of these, because of the cost. My local library is creating a …

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