Full Moon and Summer Solstice on the same day

We almost have a Full Moon and the Summer Solstice on the same day!

  • Summer Solstice is today
  • The Full Moon is technically tomorrow

The tricky part of matching up a Summer Solstice and a Full Moon is that the Summer Solstice changes days every year. 6/20 or 6/21 or 6/22.

The last time they were on the same day in Chicago:

  • 6/22/1910
  • 6/21/1948
  • 6/20/2016

My Full Moon spreadsheet goes up to only 2070. There are no Full Moon and Summer Solstice days through 2070. Yes, I have a Full Moon spreadsheet. It’s oddly rather hard to find a list of all the full moons in Chicago. All the websites include all this other stuff. Not just a simple list.

I can tell you how many full moons you’ve had in your life so far. Just ask, and I’ll look it up.

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