changing clothes in the work bathroom

When you change clothes in your work bathroom, do you:

A) Change right in the middle of the washroom

B) Go inside a stall, but don’t close the door

C) Go inside a stall, and close the door

A man might chose option A, because a bathroom is a place for just men, so you can treat it just like a locker room. But I opt for C, because bathrooms are not locker rooms. When I enter a locker room, I expect that there will be men standing in their underwear. But when I enter a bathroom, I don’t expect to see someone running around naked.

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Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

It really depends on the bathroom and how easy it is to change in the stalls. I opt for ease and comfort beyond privacy. I generally change outside of the stalls. To your point, the mensroom is for men [unless it’s in public where a kid might come in”> so I don’t have a problem slipping out of one set of clothes for another. But too, I try to be at least a little discreet since I don’t generally wear under garments. Sorry, is that TMI??

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