Chicago Comic Shop Crawl

I love this idea! Two of these shops have been on my “to visit” for way too long, and now this is just the incentive to get me to visit.

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Forget pub and bar and even zombie bar crawls….book crawls are where it’s at, specifically comic shops uniting for an inaugural Comic Book Crawl. First Aid Comics, Chicago Comics, Challengers Comics + Conversation, and Third Coast team up want you to come by, get 20% off with a filled out passport, and have the chance to win over $1000 worth of cool comic book prizes. Details available at each store.

Will this someday be powered by foursquare check-ins?

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13 years ago

it’s good to see comic book stores surviving in the city. We don’t have too many in the burbs. Here’s the ones I’m aware of in the western burbs: Unicorn, Villa Park (very friendly, classic comic store) Gem, downtown Elmhurst (nice, but weird vibe) Graham Crackers, near Danada Square, Wheaton (i haven’t been there yet) Too Many Comics, Glendale Heights (haven’t been here either) Graham Crackers, Naperville (never visited) Comic Collector, Riverside (never visited)

13 years ago

i’d say your interest in comics far outweighs mine. I have a real hard time forking for $3 or even $2 for a comic. I’m all about the bargain box 25 cent comics.

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