City nicknames: the last three letters of the top 100 U.S. cities

What if cities were nicknamed after the last three letters of their name? New York would be called “Ork.” Houston would be named “Ton.”

Here’s the full list of 100 American cities, sorted by population (according to wikipedia). Roll over the nickname to see the original name.

Ork  Ore  Ach  Rgh  Son

Les Aso Ami Ide Olk

Ago Tle And Ton Ham

Ton Ver And Ton Lem

Nix Lle Igh Sti Ham

Hia Kee Ngs Age Edo

Nio Ton Lsa Aul Ock

Ego Gas Lis Ark Uge

Las Lle Ton Ano Gas

Ose And Ulu Alo Sta

Oit Ity Ita Son Ake

Sco Son Uis Yne Ert

Lle Nta Ans Oro And

Lis Que Mpa Oln Eno

Tin Ity Ana Ale Eah

Bus Sno Eim Ler Ton

Rth Esa Ati Urg Ine

Tte Nto Eld Ity Ter

His Ach Ora Ale Ron

Ton Aha Edo Ndo Ise

How do you feel about your city’s nickname?

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