Comcast Customer Support on Twitter

It’s great that Comcast’s Customer Support are on Twitter. They respond right away to your problems and guide you in the right direction. However, in the middle of helping you, the support team is also twittering to each other about going out to drink. Here we have the Comcast Director of Digital Care as “Comcastcares” telling “ComcastBonnie,” “Or are you stopping for a Beer? It is the kickoff of Philly Beer Week.”

So just keep in mind the next time you call Comcast, that they are actually making beer plans while helping you.

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13 years ago

Don’t we all do that while we’re working though?

Mike Maddaloni - The Hot Iron

I will put up with that as long as they continue to deliver. I will never, ever call Comcast again, only contact @ComcastCares. One time I was on the phone for an hour with no results, only to tweet him and got a resolution in 5 minutes! mp/m

13 years ago

haha, that’s hilarious. but in a way it’s nice to know they are real people… still, why not get a separate account for personal twittering!

13 years ago

I have a personal twitter, but this particular instance was relevant to work… since the kickoff to Philly beer week was in our lobby 🙂 It also happened to be blocking my path to the train I needed to take home. We have fun, and we’re real people. It’s not just all work work work. 🙂

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